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Has somebody been living in my piano?

Posted by on August 31, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Has somebody been living in my piano?

Often, when a piano is left in an unoccupied home or exiled to the garage, it can become a home for rodents.  Plenty of nooks and cozy alcoves lay within every piano, along with ample nesting supplies.  Rodents chew away at the felt, leather, and wood, rearranging things to suit there tastes.  Then, they began to stockpile pecans, cherrios, or maybe even a head of garlic underneath the keys.  it doesn’t take long before piano stops working properly.

Rodents waste no time moving out when people return, but, they leave behind plenty of evidence of their presence.

Pictured, is a keybed, the framework that lies beneath the piano’s keys, before and after clean up.

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